ROTULACION A MANO | The Sign Painter, un poema de James J. Metcalfe
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antiguo estudio de rotulistas

The Sign Painter, un poema de James J. Metcalfe

THE SIGN PAINTER by James J. Metcalfe

He may not be a Rembrandt or

a Michelangelo

but with his humble brush he paints

an entertaining show

He makes the letters large and small

in colors bright and gay

and all the pictures that attract

our eyes from day to day

the household goods, the food we eat

the coffee, milk and tea

the clothes we wear, the cars we drive

and every luxury

Sometimes he climbs to dizzy heights

to start a special sign

and do his neat and perfect job

on every scene and line

He may not be a master in

the world of finer art

but oft his advertising brush

will win the human heart.

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